Sponsorship covers only a portion of the total production cost. Therefore, we must charge a fee to cover music and photo licensing costs and to allow us to work toward future broadcasts. This licensing fee is determined by company revenue:


Companies with revenue higher than $20B
Price: $1,500
Companies with revenue from $4B to $20B
Price: $1,000
Companies with revenue below $4B
Price: $500
Colleges and Business Schools
Price: $250
Additional DVDs
Price: $15 each
Additional Booklets
Price: $5 each

The license is for unlimited internal use and does not expire. The fee includes one DVD, and one set of management and board teaching note booklets for companies or teaching notes for colleges. Standard shipping and handling is $9.95. Please contact Denny Swenson at info@lightonpro.com or 617-688-9005 with any questions or to process your request.


Your purchase of these products means that you accept the license agreement below.