Thought-provoking documentary on business ethics…More documentaries of this kind are needed to take business ethics from the sidelines into the mainstream.
--- EthicsWorld Blog


A great teaching tool.
--- The Business Ethics Blog


I highly recommend the series…I wish I had such tools available for discussion when I was in the business.
--- Corporate Governance Blog


Takes viewers beyond the headlines to show why some businesspeople take the ethical low road and how the best business leaders steer their companies through today's toughest ethics challenges.
--- Center for Business Education


A new public television special that goes inside the real-world trenches of today’s corporations – where business pressures and ethics often collide.
--- WorldNew.Info


Truly remarkable stories.
--- Coming Full Circle Blog


The special includes a profile of former chief financial officer of HealthSouth… He openly describes the pressure to meet quarterly expectations and the challenges of working with an unethical CEO.


The show’s approach is like having a set of fresh eyes on an old problem.
----Patrick Donovan, Chief Compliance Officer, Airbus S.A.S.


The entire program exceeded my expectations. 
--- Kathy Zeissler, Privacy Officer & Ethics Specialist, EPCOR Utilities Inc.


You and your leadership team were spot-on when you made this important commitment to produce a video of such profound quality. My student's reaction/feedback has been extremely positive.
--- Perry Minnis, Duquesne University, Former Global Director of Ethics and Compliance, Fortune 100 company


We loved your DVD. Any idea when more programs might be available?
---Monique Durant, Central Connecticut State University


Our School of Business is very happy to have the video to use in their courses and doing business with Denny was a pleasure. I look forward to her next production.” Great Results, Good Value, Creative.
--- Nicholas Eshelman, The University of Connecticut


Several of our MBA students first screened "In Search of the Good Corporate Citizen" at the 2009 Net Impact conference. On their strong recommendation, we purchased several copies for use in Notre Dame business ethics courses - the film incorporates expert testimony with real-world case examples - a useful tool in the classroom!

--- Jessica McManus Warnell, University of Notre Dame